RMBF: Plenty to be proud of in tough times


RMBF members have traditionally enjoyed good market share across New Zealand but, interestingly, we know through our Guarantee sales that our market share is increasing, regardless of the recession.

This clearly means that discerning clients are choosing to use a Registered Master Builder when, with this current climate, there are options out there.
I congratulate our builders on their resilience through these very tough economic times. We have had remarkably few company failures over the past 12 months, and our commercial members continue to dominate the non-residential sector with the lion’s share of the market.

It is great to see how well our new 10 Year Master Build Guarantee suite is being received by our clients. It has proven to be extremely popular, and currently one in three homes built in New Zealand carry the security of a Master Build Services Guarantee.
The MBS Guarantee completely dominates the New Zealand home warranty sector, with four times the market share of anyone else. The staff and board are to be commended for continuing to improve protection for our clients and the settling of claims.

Our complaints process continues to offer clients and builders assistance if disputes occur. Our Regional Service Officers (RSOs) complete great work in new member applications, dispute resolution, assisting members and supporting our associations around the country.
This is a unique service, and I encourage members to be proactive and contact their RSO, through the Federation, if they would like assistance with documentation, client or business issues.

GSB recently reported more than $6.5 million spent on discounted goods and services by smart members taking advantage of these beneficial deals since our arrangement started a couple of years ago.
Have you signed up yet? If you would like further information on this please contact your RSO or check the RMBF members’ web site.
It was with great pleasure that I recently handed over $4000 raised by associations and individuals to our Canterbury members in recognition of their hardship through the tragic earthquakes and continuing aftershocks.

Lack of availability of contract works insurance halted the reconstruction work until our MasterSure insurance company worked extremely hard to produce the policies, break the deadlock and be the first company to offer this insurance in Canterbury.
Interestingly, the very next day all the other insurance companies that had been holding off decided that they had better follow suit. Well done MasterSure.
Our awards programmes — House of the Year and Apprentice of the Year — showcase building excellence and generally lift standards in the industry.

The inaugural New Zealand Commercial Projects Awards have got off to a great start, with 53 entries accepted across a range of categories. Judging is about to commence, and we eagerly anticipate the awards event in May 2013.
I believe achieving a Bronze Award in the House of the Year should be celebrated as, to do this, a property needs to attain 75% of the points available. There is only 15% of 2000 points that separates a Bronze from a Gold award, so builders who achieve Bronze and Silver should be proud, and market themselves accordingly.

It was another successful year for our Apprentice of the Year competition. It’s fantastic to see the entrants grow in confidence through their experience with this event, and I encourage all our members to get their apprentices to take part.
I would like to acknowledge and thank the Wellington Association for creating the original concept, which has now grown into such an acclaimed national event.
I would also like to thank the learned gentlemen who have served on our Technical Advisory Committee in recent years. This group has been disbanded, and new working groups are being formed to carry out this critical work.

I also wish to make special mention of the great work Ashley Hartley has been doing around the country with his Best Practice Guide.
Finally, I would like to thank all our staff, in particular chief executive Warwick Quinn, the RMBF Board, and all Association executives and managers for the great work you do on behalf of our members.

Merry Christmas and have a happy and prosperous New Year.