Go ahead given for cathedral demolition


Demolition of the Christ Church Cathedral has been given the go ahead, following a judgement from the Supreme Court dismissing an appeal against an earlier decision legally enabling its destruction.

The recent judgement brings an end to months of legal wrangling between campaigners hoping to save the gothic-style church and custodians of the cathedral — the Church Property Trustees.

The judgement acknowledged the circumstances giving rise to the application for leave to appeal were of “great national importance’’ to the citizens of Christchurch.
“That importance arises from the history, function, and iconic nature of the cathedral.
“However, in this case, nothing that has been raised on behalf of the applicant reaches the threshold of showing that the decision of the courts below may be in error,’’ the judgement stated.

Earlier this year, the Church Property Trustees released three design options for a future cathedral.

It included restoration, a timber replacement or a contemporary design — the latter of which the church said it preferred.