New company can help you get your life back!


Phones driving you (or your wife) mad? Invoicing and quoting taking up too much time? GST and bookkeeping stealing your evenings?

A newly-established company can remove these issues for you. Imagine getting up in the morning and turning on your smart device and seeing all your jobs scheduled, spending your day doing the jobs without constantly having to answer the phone, having quoting/invoicing done on-site in minutes, and having your accounts in order and GST and PAYE done.

You can get home in the evening with all this done — and relax!

Trades Office Support Ltd offers a range of back office services to help remove a lot of pressure from you. Services offered can be chosen from the list, and you are only charged for the services used, with the ability to add or remove at any time.

Accounts and tax are the bane of many tradespeople. But Trades Office Support’s in-house chartered accountant is able to take the strain off by handling GST, PAYE and other associated financial reporting commitments.

You can finally reclaim your evenings and weekends — and who really doesn’t want that!

Services offered include:

Telephone answering and message taking

Telephone answering and job scheduling

Scheduling with onsite quoting/invoicing

Scheduling with customer records

Marketing assistance including e-newsletter handling

Invoicing & debtor management

Cashbook & bank reconciliation


PAYE & Wages

Expenses & Creditor management

Financial Records Management

Annual accounts for tax returns

Periodic management accounts (monthly, quarterly etc)

Trades Office Support’s Geoffrey Hughes says this is a fantastic idea — “and long overdue if you ask me”.

You can reclaim time and use it for whatever purpose you choose — get through more jobs, work on business expansion or have some well-deserved down time to relax — all for less than the cost of hiring office staff with the associated wages, holiday pay, Kiwisaver, sick pay and office equipment costs, he says.