Back In Time


20 years ago:

• An average of nearly $60 million more was spent on construction work every month in the year ended January 1994, than in the year ended January 1993.
It’s an increase that RMBF chief executive Trevor Allsebrook said was a sure sign of economic well-being. “Business is showing continuing ability and keenness to invest in new building, and ever-increasing amounts are being spent on new housing,” Mr Allsebrook said.

15 years ago:

• The New Zealand Building Subcontractors Federation and Registered Master Builders put aside their differences over “pay-if-paid” provisions and security of payment to work together on issues of mutual interest or concern.

RMBF chief executive Trevor Allsebrook said there was little prospect of the two groups ever agreeing over the pay-if-paid clause in the Federation’s standard subcontract agreement.
“However, that doesn’t mean we are opposed to each other because there are numerous other areas where we can work well together for mutual or individual benefit, and in the interests of the construction industry in general,” he said.

10 years ago:

• In what was thought to be a national first — and certainly a first for the Auckland RMBA — Diane Phillips was elected the first female president of the Auckland Association.

5 years ago:

• In his monthly Building Today column, RMBF president Brent Mettrick proposed a solution to end the never-ending media tirade concerning “Leaky Homes Syndrome”.
He suggested that the Government put its hand in its pocket to pay 50% of costs, the local authority 25% and the owner 25% in order to “stop spending on legislation, and to fix the problems”.

“Something as bold as this would be showing real leadership in a time of unprecedented hardship in the industry. Surely the home owners are worthy of this help?“ he asked.
“Unless someone has the resolve to end this, it will still be here for our children.”