Concrete construction course on soon


The Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) has developed a Concrete Construction Course designed for those responsible for supervising the receipt and placement of fresh concrete on-site — typically this would be the site foreman (or equivalent) and the formwork carpenter. 
Building apprentices would also find the course invaluable.

The aim of the course is to promote quality concrete construction.
Built around NZS 3109 Concrete Construction, the curriculum for the two-day classroom-based course will meet industry needs and the relevant NZQA standards.

The course is comprised of the following five modules:
• Introduction to Concrete: Includes cement manufacture, ready mixed concrete production, constituent materials, applications.
• Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete: Relevant standards, fresh and hard concrete tests.

• Reinforcement: Reinforcement types, manufacture, handling and installation.
• Formwork: Requirements of formwork, formwork materials, systems and design, falsework, construction.
• Site Practice: Handling and placing, compaction, finishing and curing, hot and cold weather concreting, control of surface finishes and cracks.

The popular CCANZ publication The New Zealand Guide to Concrete Construction is an ideal resource to accompany the course. It can be downloaded in chapters from the CCANZ web site at

The course will be rolled out on May 27 and 28 in Auckland, with Wellington and Christchurch dates to be announced.

To register for the Auckland course or to express your interest in the Wellington or Christchurch courses, contact CCANZ on 04 499 7760, or email

Queries about the course content can be directed to Structural Performance and Engineering Systems manager Alistair Russell on 04 915 0384, or email