Setting the benchmark for building guarantees

Registered Master Builders Association chief executive David Kelly

When we ask our members what they value most in belonging to Registered Master Builders, there are three areas that are consistently mentioned by residential builders.

They are the strength of the Registered Master Builders brand, the marketing strength of the House of the Year, and the importance of being able to offer the Master Build Guarantee.

Our brand has strong market recognition and consumer recognition, standing for quality building and professionalism.

The House of the Year continues to go from strength to strength as New Zealand’s premier housing competition, with a reputation for the highest level of credibility with the public.

New benchmark for guarantees

And over the past few months we have been working on raising the bar with the Master Build Guarantees to establish a new benchmark.

In an age where home owners are increasingly aware of the need to protect their most valuable asset, we believe that building guarantees are a critical point of difference that we offer.

Specifically, we have increased the claim values and extended the length of some guarantees, while minimising any increase in premium or, in some cases, actually reducing it.

Ours is the only product in the market that has the benefit of more than 25 years in the New Zealand residential sector.

This gives us insights and a knowledge base that simply cannot be matched by others.

Whether a small alteration/addition or a high-end new build, the suite of Master Build Guarantees has flexibility of cover to suit any residential building project.

This gives consumers choice, which is an important point of difference for our members in a competitive market.

Increasingly, governments of whatever persuasion want to strengthen protection for consumers.

With our new guarantees we are leading the way and adding value to our customers.