BT’s Back in Time


20 years ago:

Membership of the New Zealand Master Builders Federation was set to increase by at least 10% as a result of the television advertising campaign and the automatic provision of a five-year workmanship guarantee on new homes built by members.


15 years ago:

The demise of Auckland builder Goodall ABL caused the loss of 100 jobs, cost the industry $135 million in turnover, and resulted in a $35 million loss for unsecured creditors.
Auckland disputes arbitrator Geoff Bayley said the third tier of labour contractors was now going into insolvency as a result of the company’s liquidation.


10 years ago:

The building industry must not be regarded as a cash cow for local government, Construction Industry Council chairman John Pfahlert said.

He said proposals by the Auckland Regional Council to impose a special levy of $5000 on each new dwelling in a subdivision to pay for rail commuter transport was outrageous.
“Should the council try and implement it they can expect a robust reaction from the industry as a whole,” Mr Pfahlert said.


5 years ago: