Insulation strips ‘sandwiched’ between wood components


With insulation performance increasingly in the spotlight, some companies are gaining a competitive edge with products that exceed New Zealand Building Code standards.


Lockwood Homes uses the DP Shield wall and insulation system that achieves an R rating of 2.1, when the code specifies a standard of R1.9. The system is also Codemark approved, so it has been independently assessed.


Lockwood chief executive Joe LaGrouw says independent certification of DP Shield and the entire Lockwood wall system was an important consideration for the company.


“We chose to use this type of insulation because it provides the quality reassurance that home owners demand today, and because it exceeds the building code standards,” he says.
“Clients need to know that the products used in their new home will be high performance, and that they will go the distance.


“In addition to demonstrating quality and compliance, Codemark certification assists in a smoother building consent process. Under the Building Act, councils are required to accept CodeMark product certification as evidence of compliance.”


DP Shield is a rigid phenolic foam insulation product that is manufactured in the United States by Dyplast, and imported to New Zealand by Nexus Foams. The insulation features foil vapour layers on the outside that prevent vapour ingress into the cell structures, which enables condensation control.


The stability provided by the thermoset foam core assures optimum performance at all temperature extremes that a normal structure may be exposed to.


The product is also eco-friendly. The manufacturer says DP Shield’s polyiso core has the highest R value-to-thickness ratio of any available commercial insulation. This means less material is required to provide specified energy savings. In addition, it is 100% CFC-free.


For use in Lockwood homes, Nexus Foams cuts the product into strips. These strips are then sandwiched between solid wood components during the production phase of Lockwood’s home building solution.


DP Shield is equally well suited to foundation and under-slab applications. The Lockwood application can be viewed under System at a Glance on