Service includes installation or supply-only


The comfort and health of building users — your customers — is the result of well-designed buildings, as well as properly installed systems.


We are all aware of weathertightness requirements. The right selection and installation of insulation is no different to ensure a building does not leak energy, is comfortable and healthy to live in.


Eco Insulation has grown and developed since the brand’s inception in 2000. Operating in most main centres of New Zealand, the company offers the building sector a wide range of solutions to ensure new buildings perform as planned, as well as improving the performance of existing buildings.


The New Zealand Building Code requirements for insulation is low by world standards. Improving building performance does not dramatically increase the cost of projects.


Eco Insulation’s services include supply and installation of insulation, or as a supply-only service covering our range of products.


EcoFleece is a sheep’s wool/polyester blend (BRANZ Appraised) range for discerning customers requiring natural fibres and a product made here in New Zealand using recycled sheep’s wool.


Earthwool Glasswool from Knauf Insulation provides high quality, world class glasswool insulation rivalling some of the traditional glasswool options.


Jet Stream MAX is a blown glasswool for high performance homes, and ClimaFoam XPS is used for on-slab, under-slab, in-slab and specific applications.


Contact us to discuss your projects. We are happy to assist you to improve the performance of your buildings without blowing the budget.


We offer alternatives that are cost effective and high quality. And remember, our services include supply only if you wish to install yourself, or as a professional supply and install service.