New cloud-based tool helps builders keep up to date


A Wanaka start-up company has created an online tool to help builders keep on the right side of new Building Act requirements.

BuildInsite, a unique platform for builders, and designed with their clients in mind, is new cloud-based software created by Wanaka-based Insiteful.

It is an information portal that enables builders to store essential project information, and provides a complete digital record of the building project to their client.

The Building Amendment Act 2013 introduced new consumer protection measures that require building contractors to disclose certain information before the start of a project and present an “Owner’s Manual” to their clients on completion of the project.

Required information includes a prescribed checklist, information about the building contractor and contact person, written contracts, a 12-month defects repair period, guarantees and warranties offered, maintenance requirements and insurances accessible to their clients.

If builders don’t comply, they face fines ranging from $500 to $20,000.

Insiteful managing director and BuildInsite creator Lauren McKay says the project handover tool allows builders to easily meet the project completion requirements and, ultimately, creates a personalised Owner’s Manual once the job is done.

The mandatory disclosure form builders must provide to their clients is simplified through BuildInsite, allowing contractors to set up a template for each job for free.

“The idea behind the law change is to help consumers understand the building process. But builders have viewed it as a bit of a headache, as they have to deal with much more paperwork,” Ms McKay says.

“BuildInsite allows them to tick all the boxes with one easy system, access up-to-date warranty information and all the necessary information for each disclosure — and the project is stored in the cloud.”

BuildInsite also enables builders to customise their project information by including company logos and other branding.

“This helps builders with their marketing, as emails to clients, additional disclosure information and Owner’s Manuals are automatically created in line with company branding and nicely presented with building project photos,” Ms McKay says.

BuildInsite, which has an introductory offer of $49 per project (the disclosure tool is free), is connected to another Insiteful online tool, HomeOversite, which was launched in April this year.

When the builder sends an Owner’s Manual to the client, a free HomeOversite is automatically created and pre-populated.

HomeOversite allows home owners to keep track of anything to do with their home and any other properties.