Aussie tradies benefiting from the sharing economy


DriveMyCar, Australia’s first and largest peer-to-peer car rental service, and LDV Automotive are now helping tradespeople get a better deal that will nearly halve the cost of renting one-tonne vans.

The new service, launching in Western Sydney, will allow tradies to rent a G10 one-tonne van directly from the LDV dealer in Parramatta for just A$59 per day, a major discount on the A$102 that some van rental providers charge.

The cost will make it far easier and cheaper for people who need a van for work, and provides a great opportunity to experience the quality and performance of the G10.

The partnership between DriveMyCar and LDV Automotive now makes it possible for people to rent vehicles directly from a car dealer and avoid the high prices charged by traditional rental firms.

All vans include comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

DriveMyCar now has more than 26,000 members across Australia benefiting from cheaper car rental, or renting out their vehicles to earn extra revenue.


Company now offering light commercial vehicles

The company has traditionally focused on peer-to-peer consumer rental vehicles, but has recently moved into the light commercial space.

Since DriveMyCar does not own any vehicles, prices are up to 62% lower than traditional car rental firms.

Beyond LDV, DriveMyCar gives access to an extensive range of vehicles, including hatchbacks, sports cars, convertibles, utes, 4WDs and luxury sedans.

LDV, formerly part of the British Leyland Group, has undergone a major resurgence after significant investment from its new owners, SAIC Motor Corporation, and is challenging the incumbent brands on price and specifications.

“Tradies understand the value of a dollar, and will immediately recognise the great value renting a G10 from an LDV dealer represents,” DriveMyCar chief executive Chris Noone says.

“It makes little sense for them to spend up to A$100 per day on a clapped out van that could significantly cut into their profit margins,” Mr Noone says.

“By tapping into dealer fleets such as that from LDV Automotive, we’re making it far simpler and cheaper for tradies to get the van they need to get the job done.”