21st Century technology a feature of Timber Design Awards


Wood is no longer “just” a framing option for bungalows, as New Zealand Wood-Resene Timber Design Award winners have proven.

From extensive use of laminated veneer lumber  (LVL) and cross laminated timber  (CLT) in homes to multi-storey commercial buildings, this year’s entries showed modern applications of wood are providing cost-effective solutions for asset owners, Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association (WPMA) promotions manager Debbie Fergie says.

The Cathedral Grammar Junior School project in Christchurch won the  Resene Overall Supreme Award. Highly Commended was the Point Wells Gables project in Rodney.

Entrants competed within nine categories covering residential and commercial architectural excellence, innovation and a new section for student innovation, with winners announced at a gala function in Auckland on March 9.

“With timber’s structural advantages often providing equivalent strength to steel and concrete for significantly lighter weight, and the technology to safely build up to 18 storeys, timber is an ideal material for architects and engineers to confidently specify across commercial as well as residential builds,” Ms Fergie says.

Christchurch structures featured strongly in the awards this year as architects, engineers and investors took advantage of timber’s lighter weight, resilience and engineered strength, which compares very favourably with more traditional concrete and steel, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

Wood Processors and Manufacturers’ chief executive Jon Tanner points out that wooden buildings weigh less than comparable steel-concrete structures — a major advantage in fine, liquefaction-prone soils.

Engineered beams in LVL or CLT can provide equivalent strength and improved fire resistance to steel beams, which can warp dangerously in extreme heat. Timber chars, but rarely burns right through.

Full results were:



Resene Overall Supreme Award

Cathedral Grammar Junior School, Christchurch: Ruamoko Solutions + Andrew Barrie Lab + Tezuka Architects, Ohno Japan & Contract Construction

Highly Commended

Point Wells Gables, Omaha: Paterson Architecture Collective, Steven Lloyd Architecture, Glamuzina Architects


Residential Architectural Excellence

Point Wells Gables, Omaha: Paterson Architecture Collective, Steven Lloyd Architecture, Glamuzina Architects


Commercial Architectural Excellence

Cathedral Grammar Junior School, Christchurch: Ruamoko Solutions, Andrew Barrie Lab, Tezuka Architects, Ohno Japan & Contract Construction


Excellence in Engineered Wood Products

Torea Studio, Mapua, Nelson: Tennent Brown, Dunning Thornton, Inch Building, Wraight+ Assoc. Landscape, XLam, Angus Muir Design

Engineering Innovation

Bealey Ave Lodge, Christchurch: RM Designs


Exterior Innovation and Infrastructure

Kopupaka Park, West Auckland: Isthmus Group Ltd


Interior Innovation

The Government of Samoa Fale, Mangere, Auckland: Walker Community Architects


New Zealand Specialty Timber Award

Langs Doors, Langs Beach, Northland: ARK


Novel Application of Fibre Award

Essential Oils from Pines: Forest Plus, Mosgiel


Innovation of Student Design Award

Winner 1: Marking the Journey of Tatau by Amanda Wijaya, Auckland

Winner 2: Multifunction: Pavilion by Louie Tong, Auckland