BCITO TV advertising — it’s a miracle!

Terry Sage of Trades Coaching New Zealand

By Terry Sage, Trades Coaching New Zealand


Who said miracles never happen, or dreams don’t come true? Somebody even said nobody reads my hard thought out words every month!

Well, wash your mouths out with soap and water you sawhorse critics — a miracle has happened and a small dream of mine has come true. But the question is, was it my words that might have made a difference? My words, yeah rite!

The miracle in question is to do with the Building Today feature late last year regarding trade apprenticeships.

It’s a feature that runs on a regular basis — a feature that is very relevant, especially in today’s market.

It always has great content from very knowledgeable industry stalwarts, but is it world-changing?

It certainly tackles the tough questions, and comes up with all the perceived answers. And that has been the case for every one of these apprenticeship features, and there have been numerous ones, honest.

But, stop the bus, get out of the clouds, and step off the grass — the last one has made a difference. Someone read it and not only understood it but took it to heart and done something about it.

Who watches TV these days? Who stays for the adverts rather than running to the fridge? Well, if you have seen a certain ad recently you may have caught the latest — and may I say — the greatest BCITO become-a-tradie story.

Boys and girls at the BCITO, I take my hat off to you for a fantastic approach to a very serious problem, and totally in the moment.

If you haven’t seen it then do the modern thing, or get one of the kids to do it for you, and google it, or YouTube it, or whatever the kids do instead of reading these days. 

So why am I so pleased? Well in the aforementioned feature, a feature that I contributed to, I dribbled on about the state of the marketing to entice kids off the couch and into an apprenticeship.

I think I might have even said it was old fashioned or total crap, and it needs to be completely rethought.

I also said sex it up — go ask the kids what they want. I did go on a bit, which I do sometimes when I feel strongly about something — or worse, when I think I’m right.

Was it the feature? Was it my words? What did make the difference? It may not have been any of them — it could be that the BCITO just had a light bulb moment.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s just great that we have a fresh approach to encouraging not only kids away from a screen, but also the old folks to not be lemmings and get their kids to follow the university path.

It’s fantastic, and I hope somebody is running some statistics to see if it actually makes a difference.

If I’m the only one who got my jollies when I saw this advert then so be it. But if there are others, please let me know. If my words, for the tiniest possibility, did spark a marketing revolution then a quick text from the BCITO would make my day.

The moral of this story? If you’re marketing your company at the moment don’t do what you have been doing for the past four decades. Don’t do what everybody else is doing or has done for the past four decades. Stop and go back to marketing 101. Be different. Stand out. And give your prospective new clients what they are asking for.

Here’s marketing 101.2 — the books say to sell on features and benefits. Well, yeah, but the emotional sale is way more effective, so keep that in mind. Because the BCITO got that bit spot on.