Toyota engineering future urban infrastructure


In an unexpected move for a leading automotive company, Toyota’s big announcement of CES 2020 extends well beyond the realm of the car.

“We have decided to build a prototype town of the future,” Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda revealed.

The project propels Toyota’s brand beyond the physical boundaries of the car, adapting to a world where automobiles are no longer the great human connector.

Envisioned as a “living laboratory”, the Woven City is an urban living experiment that will “explore  new forms of urbanity”, explained Bjark Ingels, whose architecture firm Bjark Ingels Group (BIG) has been commissioned to design the city. 

The campus will serve as a home to residents and researchers alike, operating as a community and a testing ground for technologies such as robotics, AI and material sciences.

The design of the city will merge natural elements with tech-enhanced living, with the goal to serve as a catalyst for human connection.

The city will be fully sustainable, generate and use solar power, and feature native vegetation hydroponics.